E-Commerce Women Are Different Breeds That E-Commerce Men

Generating creative ideas is the key to any e-commerce website development as this makes the business impactful. Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms among the e-commerce website development companies and also the users. It aids in setting up an e-commerce store by offering various features and functionality to increase the productivity of the business. Magento is an open source e-commerce platform which is robust, flexible and cost-effective. Various e-commerce website development services utilize this highly scalable platform to customize the features as per business needs.

There are three levels of the Magento software for e-commerce website development,

1. Community – This is useful for companies without the need for expansion. It is free and easy to manage if the company already has an in house web team to troubleshoot.

2. Enterprise – This is essential for companies who are looking at re strategizing and customizing their marketing and sales. It requires a dedicated Magento support team.

3. Go – This portable option is based on cloud computing and deals with trouble shooting.

The advantages of Magento are multifold –


    • Easy to use – Familiarity with WordPress development, CSS or html5 comes handy while using Magento. The built in themes and templates can be tweaked slightly to suit the business needs. It is easy to install to help the web stores and convenient for the customers to shop online.


    • Multi site functionality – Magento offers freedom to create additional websites on a single domain. A number of sites can be run simultaneously.


    • Tried and Tested – It can be easily configured and maintained thus reducing the need for resources and efforts.


    • Internalization – It can be modified as per the target regions based on languages, currency and taxation systems.


    • Scalable – There is no upper limit on transactions making online purchases and processing of payment easy.


    • Extensibility – It is possible to push the e- shop to face book or integrate the same to other social media resulting in extensive brand display and attracting consumers.


    • Global – It is multilingual with 60 languages, currencies and tax patterns making it a truly global platform.


    • Speed – It is 10 times faster to operate as the layout is simple and there are no unnecessary fields.


    • Customizable – Choosing a layout and styling the online store makes it simple to customize the shop. Buy Now Pay Later TV Zilch


    • SEO Optimization – Any site ranked high on popular search engines gives a boost to e-commerce website owner. This increases number of visitors who may be converted to customers.


    • Promotions and cross sell – It is easy to display promotional messages and also lure the customers into buying other suggested products or services.


  • Tracking – Magento allows keeping a database of list of products, their pricing, inventory, etc. Monitoring the sales and analyzing the trends is extremely easy.


With an active community of developers and support staff who provide e-commerce website development services, Magento is preferred by most e-commerce business owners.


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