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An Entrepreneur’s Mind – Scatter Versus Focus

A common piece of advice budding entrepreneurs hear is “think like an entrepreneur.” This is difficult to interpret since most entrepreneurs think differently. You can actually divide successful ones into two categories – scattered and focused. However, one group usually finds success faster than the other. It doesn’t matter how you think best currently. What matters is changing your mindset to best run your business.

Scatter Versus Focus

Talk to two entrepreneurs and you’ll likely hear different reasons as to why one mindset is better than the other. The only common thread in the entrepreneur mindset is the desire to succeed. When running a business, you need more than just desire to get you to your goal, though. So which mindset is best?

The scattered entrepreneur likely has numerous projects going on at once. They are multi-taskers, but they often scramble to find what they need or miss important appointments. The term “scatter brained” comes to mind. As a result, they may have many small successes, but they still struggle for that one big success that helps truly grow the business and them as an entrepreneur.

On the plus side, scattered thinking equals bigger thinking. A scattered mindset leads to numerous ideas. The more ideas, the more chances for success and expansion in a business. The problem is finding time to focus on individual ideas.

Focused entrepreneurs typically find success far quicker than their scattered counterparts. They choose one or two main ideas and run with them. They take the time to focus solely on the project at hand instead of trying to manage numerous ones at once. The end results means they stay on task and persist until they succeed. Miki Agrawal

The downside to focus is sometimes entrepreneurs become too focused. They become so narrow minded that they miss important opportunities and get “business block.” Basically, they are too focused to find new ways to improve or expand their business. When running a business, entrepreneurs have to find ways to improve and grow.

The Right Choice

The truly elite entrepreneurs are focused and scattered. They keep their minds open to new ideas and ways to improve upon current projects, products and services. They also stay focused on the task at hand. Usually, these entrepreneurs are far more focused than scattered. They know it takes more than a single great idea to successfully run a business. They are ready for the necessary hard work that is well worth every minute put in, as well as the flexibility needed for success.

In the scatter versus focus battle, the true winner is focus with a hint of scatter. Focus makes it far easier to get things done, work well with clients and team members, keep track of daily tasks and ensure everything is handled in the most efficient manner possible. But scatter leaves us open, flexible, and willing to alter our course when needed. As an entrepreneur, it is vital to find the balance of scatter and focus that works best for you and your business.


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