Application Astronomy Department Job Prospects

Do any of you dream of becoming an astronaut, Grameds? If yes, then study in a major that suits your profession, namely the Astronomy Department. This major will then answer the question bo slot of How do stars and planets work?

By emphasizing the application of physics to celestial bodies, you will learn about the structure and evolution of the universe, starting from the characteristics, movement, distribution of meteoroids, asteroids, comets and other celestial bodies.

Astronomy Department Job Prospects
Even though the knowledge studied in the Astronomy study program seems specific, in fact Astronomy graduates have quite broad job prospects.

The most important prospect for these graduates is of course to become astronomers. Apart from that, graduates of the Astronomy study program who also studied physics, mathematics, or even programming can enter many industries. Here are some job descriptions for graduates majoring in Astronomy:

1. Astronaut
The Astronaut profession is the term for someone who has undergone training in the human space flight program to lead, fly a plane, or become a member of a space crew.

The term “astronaut” itself is sometimes used to refer to astronauts from the United States or other countries. Astronauts themselves are different from cosmonauts from Russia or the Soviet Union. Astronauts then go into space to carry out certain missions.

Astronauts will then live on the International Space Station and take part in research and experimental activities.

2. Astronomer
Astronomers today still make and study observations, but in modern astronomy, telescopes are controlled remotely and then astronomers can wait for their observations from a more comfortable and warm room.

3. Research Institute
For those who love Astronomy and graduate from this department, you will then have the opportunity to work in various research institutions including planetariums, space. Southeast Asian countries themselves have SEAN (South East Asia Networking) which still requires space and research staff.

4. Science journalist
In the media field, Astronomy graduates also have the opportunity to become columnists or editors. You can write in popular magazines or scientific journals. Through writing, journalists will then convey various scientific and astronomical concepts in a more creative and interesting way to readers.

The profession of journalist or journalist is someone who carries out journalistic activities or someone who regularly writes news and has their writing published in the mass media. Another definition of a journalist is a person whose job is to collect, select, search for, process news and then present it in the shortest possible time to the wider community through the mass media. Starting from print media and electronic media.

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