6 Ways a CMMS Can Benefit Facility Managers

CMMS is short for Computerized Maintenance Management System. This powerful asset management software can help facility managers execute their asset management strategy in an effective manner. With the passage of time, CMMS can help reduce the cost of maintenance, asset ownership, downtime, and improves productivity and boosts the life of assets. Given below are some of the ways these systems can benefit facility managers.

1. Greater Visibility

A CMMS allows greater control and transparency. Managers can use the system to identify team members’ tasks, pending tasks, and the task due dates. This helps them make sure that nothing is overlooked.

Higher labor productivity is one of the primary benefits of these systems. Partly, this is because the system can help professionals plan and track assignments.
2. Automated Scheduled Maintenance

Planned maintenance can help reduce downtime. Instead of depending on memory alone, the system notifies the facility managers as soon as the system requires maintenance.

2. Guest Request Portal

Another great feature of A CMMS is that it has a work request portal that allows unregistered users to log work requests in case something requires maintenance. Facility managers can review these requests and prioritize the jobs accordingly.
This feature is greatly useful for organization that has a lot of employees, such as manufacturing plants, office buildings, and schools. As soon as the work request is executed and closed, the system sends a notification to the guest that the request is completed.

3. Accessible Asset History

Since human memory is not so reliable, CMMS provides details of the assignments that were completed in the past. There is a unique record of each asset that offers details of the parts used, downtime, reliability, and the number of labor hours. Facilities Management tool
This information is stored in the database of the CMMS and helps new employees troubleshoot The breakdown. Therefore, this can help employees save a lot of time.

4. Quick Analysis and reporting

It is easy to pull data from the CMMS for different types of analysis. For example, the data can be used to identify the causes of downtime and other problems with the equipment. Therefore, solutions like spare parts, preventive maintenance, and regular inspections can be organized to reduce downtime down the road.

5. Easy Tracking of Costs

Since this system records labor parts and other expenses, facility managers don’t need to check dockets and receipts at the end of the year. All they have to do is check the CMMS to find out where the entire budget was spent.



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